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Casa Mariana Grocery

In Cascais centre (Centro Comercial Cisne)

Some of our products:

– Olive oil
– Drinks:
              Craft Beers
              Sparkling Wines
              Fruit Juices
– Regional woodfire baked breads
– Biscuits | Cakes
– Coffee and Teas
– Personalised Box | Gift baskets
– Chocolates
– Jams
– Preserves
– Spices and seasonings
– Smoked meats
– Honey
– Pates
– Cheese
– Salt
– Snaks

Portuguese Products.
Flavors with Tradition.

The Casa Mariana Grocery sells genuine traditional Portuguese products from small producers in various regions in Portugal. We offer a personalised service with our quality products. We value our small producers and their products.


Every week we have fresh bread, baked in woodfire.
Tuesday: Alentejo’s Bread (wheat 400g e 800g)
Thursday: Trás-os-Montes’s Bread (rye 600g)
Friday: Rio Maior’s bread (wheat 600g)

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T | (+351) 960 333 734 (Pedro)
E | [email protected]


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 10H00 – 19H30

Pão regional de Rio Maior - Mercearia Casa Mariana
Pão regional de Rio Maior - Mercearia Casa Mariana