Our Background

Grandmother Mariana

Avó Mariana - Casa Mariana

I remember my maternal grandmother Mariana with great affection as she was so special, a simple, humble seamstress.

She had a big heart which she shared with her grandchildren. On weekends or holidays she would go with us to our house in the village of Ulgueira (Sintra Hills), where we played with our friends in the streets, walked through the fields to pick up wild blackberries and strawberries, go to the swimming pool at Praia das Maças or Praia Grande. At other times we would visit relatives at Ericeira, a beautiful fishing village.

Grandmother Mariana loved animals: she had dogs and cats who were to her and to us such wonderful

I have a degree in Business Management and started working very early whilst at the same time studying.

I am 50 years old and over the years I have had the opportunity of working in different sectors: logistics, commerce and business, Portuguese Air Force, editorial, food industry amongst others. I learnt the different ways of working in teams, with colleagues, management and Boards.

I always had the idea of one day having my own business, something personal, where I could put to use all the knowledge I had acquired and to change my life!

When my Grandmother Mariana passed away I was left with lovely memories of her.

From my various travels around the world I thought I could bring back life and feeling to her house and in her memory to do this for people with different lifestyles and cultures who visit this area – this became my dream.

Gestor Casa Mariana Pedro Casais