CAJÓ Restaurante Português
CAJÓ Restaurante cozinha portuguesa e petiscos

Enjoy Portuguese Dishes and snacks


Steak with egg on top
Grain Stew
Stewed Veal
Oven Roasted Ham


Codfish “à Brás”
Octopus “à Lagareiro”
Monkfish Stew
Hake fillets with bean rice

Petiscos (Portuguese Snacks)

Monkfish Stew
Grilled octopus, bimis and sausage crumble
Shredded Beef Dog with Mustard and Honey Mayo
Slowly cooked chambão, cornbread crumbs with egg and BT

My Grandfather Ricardo de Melo, a merchant, was the founder of TASCA do RICARDO commonly known as “Taberna” which, for many years, was his place of work.
Later he transferred it, keeping the name: TASCA. The name TASCA remained for 50 years. Grandmother Mariana often went there for lunch.
This restaurant became a center of attraction for public figures and, naturally, for many tourists looking for the delights of the national at a fair price.

From Monday to Friday there is a menu priced at €12 per person. It is a space where you can make reservations for 35 people

Currently the space is called CAJÓ – Restaurante de comida tradicional portuguesa e petiscos.

Menu price: 12€

(from Monday to Friday)


Weekends: Petiscos (Portuguese Snacks)


Largo Doutor Virgílio Horta 5
2710-592 Sintra | Portugal



Carlos Pedro (Manager)

T | +351 912 832 608 (call mobile network)

E | [email protected]


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 9h – 22h