A Tasca

Enjoy Traditional Portuguese Dishes and snacks at the

Menu of the Day: €9,00


– Fried Sole
– Rice Valenciana style
– Cod fish baked with potatoes
– Squid with potatoes
– Filetes de peixe com salada russa
– Codfish pasties with rice with beans


– Braised veal
– Chicken Steaks
– Lamb stew
– Roast Pork loin
– Pork braised with clams Alentejo style
– Beans with meat
– Tripe with white beans


– Octopus salad
– Pig’s ear chopped and cooked with seasonings
– Roast smoked Sausage
– Beef cubes with seasonings
– Snails


 My grandfather Ricardo de Melo, a businessman, was the founder of the TASCA do RICARDO, an eating house. This was his workplace for many years. Later on he leased it but the name TASCA was maintained.

A young couple from the Minho area who started working in the restaurant business came to work here. Fatima and Manuel started as employees and later bought the leasehold. The name TASCA was maintained but it became known as TASCA do MANUEL. They had the opportunity to meet Grandmother Mariana who frequently had her lunch here. That was 44 years ago!

In the Tasca you can find traditional Portuguese dishes and snacks. You can book places for 36 people. This restaurant has become the main attraction for public figures and of course for the many tourists who wish to try out the delicious local food.

In 2022 the management changed and it is now run by Paula Santos and is known as the TASCA da PAULA.


Largo Doutor Virgílio Horta 5
2710-592 Sintra | Portugal



T | (+351) 219 230 215 (Manuel)
E | [email protected]


Opening hours

Monday – Saturday: 07H00 – 20H00