Casa Mariana - vista de Sintra

Grandmother Mariana’s House


A building with a 100 year old history.


Built in 1921 this building located at the Largo Dr Virgilio Horta known
affectionately as Grandmother Mariana’s House, has always remained in the same family. It is located in the historic part of Sintra, a cosy strategic romantic area with stunning views of the Moors Castle at the top on the Monte da Lua (Mountain of the Moon) and views below of the National Palace of Sintra with its imposing chimneys.

The small rooms are typically of a Portuguese house, comfortable and warm giving you a feeling of being in your grandmother’s house. From the varanda there are views of the inspiring landscape.

It is the ideal place to reflect, celebrate and enjoy the beauty of Sintra.


Casa Mariana



The Tasca


Morango Saloio


Accommodation Mariana


Volta do Duche, Nº2 - A
2710-631 Sintra


T | 960 333 734

E | [email protected]

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday: 10H00 – 19H00